A fresh start

“Revenge is an admission of pain: a mind that is bowed by injury is not a great mind.” – Seneca

Holding grudges, settling scores, these things only damage us. They never get us closer to being the people we need to be. If we are wronged, we don’t have to act naively but we also don’t have to let it control us. If we can take a moment to review things objectively, we will see that in reality, it is the ego that often drives a desire for revenge or holding of grudges. Therefore, by placing ego in the proper place, we see that there is no good in holding on to injury. It does not help us make better decisions. We are not likely to benefit in any way from dwelling on past wrongs. Be thoughtful but don’t be resentful. For your own sake, give yourself, and those around you, a fresh start.

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