Freedom from the guilt of unliving

“Guilt results from unused life, from the unlived in us.”
― Ernest Becker

We say all the time that life is short, but how often do we waste time? How often do we do things that don’t matter and give away the time we have? We don’t generally act as if we believe life is short. We check social media, argue just to do it, and worry about things that don’t matter. We should be significantly more frugal with our time, or at least spend it better. Guilt results from unused life, so use every moment you possibly can. Until you have no more time left, you can make life what you want. You can use every breath to deepen your faith, develop your virtue, fight for justice, and show love to others. Or, you could use it for more apathy, hostility, and waste. So next time you have some time, think about how you can spend it. Are you making that time investment into something life-giving? Or are you living it unused, just waiting for the debt of guilt to build up?

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