How to Overcome the Fear of Action With 2 Simple Exercises

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”
― Timothy Ferriss

Often, we put things off because of the judgment we make about the task rather than the task itself. We often allow our feelings about an obligation to dictate what we do rather than the job itself. How often have you put off a relatively simple activity just because of how you felt about it? Then, once you can no longer put it off, the fear of not completing it becomes more significant than the fear of actually doing it. You do it and feel foolish because it was so easy, you have no idea why you put it off so long. This fear is why doing stoic exercises like fear setting, and the view from above can have a profound impact. When you imagine all the things you’re afraid of doing from a broader perspective, it suddenly becomes a lot less daunting. We have our essential things to do, but so does everyone else. We have something that we have to do, but it isn’t like everyone else doesn’t. We all have to overcome our aversions and do the things that we are afraid of, and the more we practice flexing that muscle, the better off we will be.

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