Premeditatio Malorum

“Which one of you ever dared to think about exile, about poverty, about grief?” – Seneca

We should not dwell on the negative, but we should become acquainted with it. It is good to be open to the possibility of adversity. When we expect things to be easy and they aren’t it can feel like we’ve lost something. However, when we expect adversity and it doesn’t come we have gained something. When it does, we have lost nothing. Positivity is significantly easier when we expect to have to do it in the face of adversity no matter what. By contemplating the bad things that could happen, you are giving yourself a tremendous gift. You are giving yourself resilience when those things happen and you were prepared. When things turn out better than expected, you have not already deflated the good event by expecting it. Premeditatio malorum. Give yourself the gift of a resilient spirit.

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