The Only Life Hack You’ll Ever Need

“If you wish to be a writer, write.”
― Epictetus

There is no such thing as faking it until you make it. You will act as you think you are, and there is no way around that. So, if you want to be someone different, do different things. Take some time today to do a thought experiment. Think about how the best version of yourself that you can presently imagine would act. Think as big as you possibly can, but make sure it as about the actions, not about the circumstances. Don’t think about what job your ideal self would have, what kind of house, anything else. Think about things right now that make you feel weak, and the empowering behaviors that your ideal self would do. Think about how you would feel if you knew you did what your ideal self would do. Write it all down in as much detail as possible. Then, start doing them. Treat what you wrote as your role in the production that is your life. Be an actor, act as if you are this person, this best version of yourself. When you get good at it, reevaluate and find some areas where you might be able to be even better. If this version of you has certain healthier habits, like getting more sleep or eating healthier, act those out. If this version of you is friendlier, harder working, less troubled by little things, then act like that version of you, by doing actions that the better version of yourself would do. If you want to be a better version of yourself, act as if you already are.

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