The “Worry Vaccine”

“Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace.” – Zig Ziglar

Most of the things we worry about are mostly out of our control. None of us has total control over the political climate. We can’t guarantee that we aren’t going to get sick. We shouldn’t ignore the potential problems. However, worrying doesn’t make us better at dealing with things. If anything, it restricts our mental resources and makes us less creative and capable when taking on an issue. A calm mind is more competent at creative problem-solving. Granted, that is easier said than done. It takes practice to stay calm in high tension situations. Take time to expose yourself to voluntary discomfort. Take a cold shower. Sit in silence for longer than you feel comfortable. Make conversation with someone in line at the store. These little voluntary discomforts can be a sort of “worry vaccine.” It’s not too difficult to talk yourself out of worrying in a stressful situation you can control. As you practice and get better, you’ll be able to do it more when things are beyond your control.

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