Think and Feel

“Don’t lament this and don’t get agitated” – Marcus Aurelius

Feeling upset by something is ok. Feeling frustrated is ok. You don’t have to suppress emotions. Emotions are a fact of human life. However, our actions should not be dictated entirely by emotions. Don’t let the emotional adjective become a verb. Feel sad, but don’t allow that to guarantee your course of action is lamentation. Feel upset, but don’t allow that drag you into acting agitated. Similarly, feel happy, but don’t allow that to direct you to foolish action. This doesn’t mean you should never act in the direction of your emotions. You should, however, give your reason the final say. Will the highest good be achieved by blowing up in anger here? I’ve never been in a situation where the answer to that is yes. Your reason and emotions together are powerful. Your reason and emotion can push each other in a positive, direction. Allow them both to work together for you, not against you.

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