Weekly Wrap Up 9/13

Friday the 13! Don’t walk under any ladders, near any black cats or break any mirrors. Time to package this week up in a nice little bow.

  1. Book I’ve been enjoying: The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson. It’s absolutely fantastic.If you like westerns, mysteries, anything like that, you’ll enjoy this book. There’s definitely a huge difference between the books and the Netflix series, so if you got started with the show it’s a bit of a departure.
  2. Snack I’ve been loving: Made Good Granola Minis. These are super tasty little granola bites that are pretty clean. Along with a cup of coffee in the morning these are pretty bomb.
  3. App I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of: Heart Math Inner Balance. You need a phone accessory to use this app but it’s very worth it. It’s meditation that measurably works with bio feedback. After about 3 minutes, you get all the junk cleared out and are ready to get after it. It measures heart rate variability, which is just about the best metric for daily performance for bio feedback. There’s a great TED talk about it here.
  4. One of my new favorite Spotify playlists: This is R. Carlos Nakai. R. Carlos Nakai is an amazingly talented artist. This playlist highlights some of his best music and is great for while working on anything. His rendition of Amazing Grace is particularly stirring.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and enjoy checking out some of the goods on the list!

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