Weekly Wrap Up 9/21

Happy Friday! Here are some fun nuggets from the week that I hope y’all will enjoy.

1. Spotify playlist worth jamming out to: Find it here. This playlist is a quad shot of espresso straight to the dome. Music is powerful. Therefore, power music is going to make you powerful. It’s science.

2. App worth checking out: Today habit tracker. Obviously, building strong habits is important, and this is a great tool to do it. It’s simple, straightforward and inexpensive. Moreover, it’s also a beautiful looking app. While this isn’t really a feature, it does make it a little more fun to use.

3: Article I’ve been enjoying: Why conservation is a gospel issue. I’m a huge fan of Teddy Roosevelt conservation. So, I really enjoy how this article looks at conservation from a Christian perspective, I believe that it’s a message that needs to be brought to a broader audience.

4. New practice I’m introducing to my morning routine: Tony Robbins style priming. Priming involves deep breathing, heart focused breathing, gratitude and visualization. It uses most of the tools in the morning routine utility belt, it’s super powerful. Particularly, since I started really working experiencing gratitude through this rather than just writing things down but not focusing on the feeling of gratitude, I’ve noticed a major shift in my morning, and my whole day. Subsequently, this short 10 minutes in the morning moves the needle for the rest of the day.

Have a great weekend, relax, enjoy life, and experience gratitude!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 9/21

  1. Great blog, Liam. I enjoyed reading “why conservation is a gospel issue.” Christians believe that God made the heavens and the earth. The earth! The most beautiful, luscious and rich in its resources than any other planet in our solar system and perhaps trillions more! If true, we must preserve God’s creation with utmost sincerity and effort, yet our current president believes the opposite through his rhetoric and policy. I’ve always wondered how the majority of fundamentalist Christians could support a man who purposely tries to destroy God‘s creation in the interest of profit (greed). Never understood it and never will.

  2. I really like Tony Robbins’ messaging. He helped my daily routine to Dedicate self to an outcome, Focus on what’s Important and Energize self and those around you. Thanks, Liam. Good stuff.

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