Why are you not spending your time more carefully?

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
― Bill Watterson

Rest is critical. You can’t go nonstop. That said, be thoughtful about how you rest. Do things that are genuinely going to rejuvenate you, but do it through a hobby or share time with people who are important to you. But always be progressing in life. Do something that is going to make you better. Play a game that exercises your mind or body. Read a book. You don’t need to be sprinting all the time, but you have a limited time here. Think about a marathon runner. They don’t push themselves so hard that they can’t keep going, but they don’t stop either. Move forward with whatever you do, no hurry, no pause. Your job is part of life. Your leisure time is part of life. You can’t change how you have already spent, but you can choose how you spend this moment right now. Are you going to spend it on doing nothing, or are you going to invest it in a way that makes you better?

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