Why being busy is overrated and what to do about it

“Love of bustle is not industry, it is only the restlessness of a hunted mind.” – Seneca

“Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” -Tim Ferriss

There are plenty of times when being busy with unimportant things can be tempting. Being busy often makes what we are doing to feel more critical. However, I have found that often, when things are the most hectic, it is because I have not adequately planned. It results from under prioritization of the most necessary tasks and lumping all things together as being of equal importance. Not everything you do is equally important, far from it. There are plenty of things which need we need to do.

In many cases, there are a few essential tasks that should be the highest priority. These tasks dramatically outweigh others in their importance. However, they are just one task. And all these other tasks are one task too. Just like with anything, prioritization is a skill. It’s something we all have to practice if we want to be any good. We can eliminate that feeling of overwhelm by being able to make decisions on various activities’ values. Many of the things we have to do, we may realize many not be required at all upon closer examination.

Why being busy is overrated and what to do about itDo the work upfront, the thinking, and the prioritization. Decide what matters, what you can deal with later, and what you don’t need to do. The results are likely to be surprising and sure to be fruitful.

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