Why you should choose the hard way

“Convenience comes at the expense of understanding” -Ryder Carroll

We live in a convenient world. We are continually trying to increase the level of convenience in our lives. We have more food available to us all the time than ever before. We have TVs the size of a movie theatre in our houses complete with everything we could ever want to watch, without even getting off our couch. We have apps that can lock your home when you live in Montana, but you’re vacationing in Florida. Undoubtedly, these things have made our lives better in many ways.

However, when we only get our food from the grocery store, we don’t understand and appreciate how farmers grow it. When we have entertainment available to us all the time, it becomes less special. It has become more convenient to share polarizing political ideas in echo chambers than engage with people who disagree with you. We have plenty of conveniences. What we need is understanding.

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